Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yard Slae: June 13

Well I had my much anticipated yard sale today. I have determined that I make more money sitting in my front yard than I do hauling items across town. I guess it is traffic flow. Anyway, I guess I didn't do bad...I just had higher standards since I did so well last month sitting in my front yard. I also want to know why Gillette body wash sells like hotcakes, but Gillette shampoo you can't really give away... Swiffers and swiffer refills sold well. I wish I would have did the Target deal like 20 more times... Kraft Dressing did well, but BBQ sauce and Marinades only so-so... I ended up giving allot of stuff away or making deals to help the clients that I work with. I made a profit of $338.85 after the cost of advertising, table fee, buying ice cream for my family to snack on and myself a Mexican... the food.. not a person.. and a $5 raffle ticket I was guilted into buying. Not too bad I guess... I have changed my accounting on the side bar to reflect this profit, this taking my spending into the negitive...which means I was paid to shop.

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