Friday, June 19, 2009

June 16th and June 18th

I haven't really been shopping this much this week. :/

I bought somethings at Food Lion on June 16th. I forget the specifics. I think my reciepts are still in the car. I am too tired to go get them, so I will update tomorrow... via an edit of this post...hopefully.

June 18th-
I shopped at Martins.
I purchased 3 boxes of Kraft Begal-fuls.
OOP was: $2.49 this was also my daily OOP.

Monday, June 15, 2009

June 14th and 15th

Sunday June 14th- Newspaper day.
OOP: $2.50

June 15th-
Today I shopped at Food Lion-

I purchased:
3 A1 Marinades
3 boxes of FL Pasta
12 cans of FL potted meat
1 Cucumber
1 Tomato
1 boxed of Ciabatta Bread
1 bottle of Nature's Seasoning

Total OOP: $0.45 This is also my daily OOP.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yard Slae: June 13

Well I had my much anticipated yard sale today. I have determined that I make more money sitting in my front yard than I do hauling items across town. I guess it is traffic flow. Anyway, I guess I didn't do bad...I just had higher standards since I did so well last month sitting in my front yard. I also want to know why Gillette body wash sells like hotcakes, but Gillette shampoo you can't really give away... Swiffers and swiffer refills sold well. I wish I would have did the Target deal like 20 more times... Kraft Dressing did well, but BBQ sauce and Marinades only so-so... I ended up giving allot of stuff away or making deals to help the clients that I work with. I made a profit of $338.85 after the cost of advertising, table fee, buying ice cream for my family to snack on and myself a Mexican... the food.. not a person.. and a $5 raffle ticket I was guilted into buying. Not too bad I guess... I have changed my accounting on the side bar to reflect this profit, this taking my spending into the negitive...which means I was paid to shop.

Friday, June 12, 2009

June 11th and 12th.

I have come to the conclusion that this blog is just something else to be behind on, lol.

June 11th- Kraft coupons expired this day, so I made the dreaded trip to Wal-Mart. I purchased:
4 boxes Kraft Beagal-fuls
4 boxes Ritz Bits

Out of Pocket cost: $7.99

I also shopped at Food Lion and Weis Markets to get this weeks freebies, or as the marketing world describes them: Loss leaders.

Weis Markets:
7 bottles Gillette Body Wash
3 bottles Gillette Shampoo
4 tubes Gillette Styling Gel
4 six packs of Musslemen Applesauce singles

I also believe I earned $10 rebate for P&G..I'll find out if I get a check in the mail, lol.

OOP before rebate: $0.47

Food Lion:

5 boxes FL pasta
12 cans potted meat
3 Digornio Flatbread Pizza Melts
5 bottles A1 Marinade
1 6 pack Kool-Aid single bottles

OOP $2.28 I can not remember how many coupons I earned towards my next order. :(

Toatl Daily OOP: $10.74

June 12

Today I shopped at Food Lion and Weis Markets.

I found more coupons, so of course I went back to Weis:
1 bottle Gillette body wash
1 bottle Gillette shampoo
3 Gillette Fusion razor
3 bottles Gillette Fusion shaving Gel

Total OOP: $2.53

Food Lion

Today FL was WEIRD. Their coupon machine was spitting out more coupons than I earned. Liek if I were supposed to get a $1 coupon it would give me $2. Weird...but no complaints. At one FL I was at my coupon did not print. I made the manager refund and re-ring on a diffrent register. This too was odd, as I was refunded more money than my items actually cost. She didn't know why. Sometimes you just gotta love computers. I made $0.85 on that!

Anywho, I purchased the following:

8 boxes FL pasta
25 cans potted meat
6 bottles A1 Marinade
1 bottle Hunts Ketcup
1 box Popsicles
1.69 pounds Black Forest Deli Ham
24 pack case of bottled water

I earned $5.25 in coupons good off anything I want the next time I shop.
I also qualify for a $5.00 rebate for buying water

my total OOP before coupons earned and rebates: $1.87-$0.85 = $1.02

Daily OOP: $3.55

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 9th & 10th.

I shopped Walgreens and Food Lion on June 9, 2009.


1 bottle Off! Bug Spray.
1 cat tail candy

Out of Pocket: $0

Food Lion:

8 cans of FL brand Potted meat
2 bottles A-1 Marinade
1 bag Planters Trail mix
1 can Planters Choc. covered Almonds

I earned $1.25 in coupons good off anything I want my next shopping trip.

Total OOP before earned coupons: $0.30

Totally Dailly OOP: $0.30

June 10, 2009

I shopped at Food Lion. I purchased the following:
3 Digornio Flatbread Pizza Melts
2 boxes FL Jumbo Mac
2 boxes FL spaghetti noodles
4 bottles A-1 Marinade
7 cans FL potted meat
6 bottles Kraft dressing
2 cucumbers
2 tomatoes
1 orange pepper
1 local newspaper
1 pack Kool-aid drinks

I earned $2.25 in FL coupons off anything I want on my next shopping trip as well as a $3.19 rebate for buying Digornio Flatbrad melts.

Total OOP before earned coupons and rebates: $1.88

Dailly OOP:$1.88

Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8, 2009


I am so glad I was able to get in on the CVS diaper deal. Diaper deals are starting to be few and far between and I only had 4 more size 4 packs. My son is too young to expect daycare to deal with pull ups and while he may fit into size 5, size 4 has more per pack so it is better to use the 4's if I have them. I was on the phone with CVS costumer service at 8am...on the dot. I verified that the limit on the Pampers deal was 3 per card. I then stopped at CVS, with my screen shot in hand showing the ECB advertisement. My CVS manager is awesome. He even checked me out! I do understand this deal is over now, so if you needed diapers I hope you got in on it.

I shopped CVS and Food Lion (big suprise there) today:

CVS purchases include:
9 packs Jumbo size Pampers
1 Fusion Razor gift pack

Total out of pocket cost: $23.32

Food Lion purchase include:
1 bottle A-1 Marinade

Total out of pocket cost: FREE

I had a busy day at work and I failed to pack a snack...thus I blew $2 in the vending machine on a 20 0z Dr. Pepper and a pack of Swedish Fish. Please be glad that you do not work with me...I even complained about the cost to my Executive Director... I mean please...did I not just buy 11 pouns of Pork and 14 BBQ sauces for less? Vending machine mark up is outragous!

Today's total purchases that include a $3 Taco Bell lunch is $28.32.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

June7, 2009

...and so I lie. I HAD to try the Pampers deal at CVS. I was only able to get one pack. IMO one is better than none and plus there is always tomorrow when costumer service is open. I did pass up FREE Crest at Food Lion... so please give me props for that.

Anyway, being fair to the kids cost me a bit of money... more than if I were able to hop stores...maybe I'll be up for the Good Mommy Award... please vote for me.

My purcahses were from CVS, McDonalds, and a few different newspaper machines... which gipped me of my SmartSource insert...ERRRRRRRRR!

4 Newspapers
2 Aveeno 70SPF Sunscreens
1 pack Jumbo Pampers size 4
3 4 pc Chicken Nuggets
1 Large French Fry (these cost $2 NOW!!!!!)

My total Out of Pocket cost was: $21.97

OUCH! Maybe I should have just settled for FREE Crest... the kids would be red...but their teeth would be white. :/

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 5, 2009

So I had my last tryst with Food Lion for the week... weekends and grocery bargin hunting doesn't work for me too often. With this said Food Lion won the game twice today....but I think I came out ahead despite losing about $15 in Food Lion coupons...agh... I think they fell out of my pocket somewhere.

So anyway, I confirmed in this shopping trip two things... one of what I already knew...but I was hoping things would still go my way. 1.) a FLIP will NOT work on mark downs if the mark down price is lower than the FLIP and most Food Lion will not push it thru. This is what happened to me yesturday thus I did not get as much chicken as I had planned and it resulted in a little higher out of pocket due to not having overage to utilaize. 2.) The chicken FLIP will NOT work on the 8pc Fried chicken... this distressed me since that meant I had to shell out a whole $5 for dinner...pathetic I know... $5 for dinner for 4 is a huge bargin... but I was and still am down about losing $15.

I would like to also give 2 valuable tips to anyone interetsed...

1.) Do NOT "spend" your coupons as soon as you get them...unless you need the item. Wait for a sale or a rewards promation that will pay you back. An example... I have a FREE Digornio Pizza coupon that I got from a rebate promotion... it doesn't expire until the end of next year...I am not starving, thus I do not "need" that pizza right now. Eventually there will be a rebate for pizza and the pizza will be on sale...this tends to happen in tha fall... and that is when I will "spend" this coupon.

2.) GET RAINCHECKS! I can not say that enough. Several of my stores have Rainchecks that NEVER expire. I often go raincheck shopping...meaning I purposely look for items that are on sale and out of stock and get a raincheck for these items. About a year ago we had a new Food Lion open locally. This Food Lion had specials that none of the other Food Lions had. One of these specials was Counrty Style Boneless Pork ribs for .98 a pound. Of course they were out and I got a raincheck. This week I found a coupon for $2 ribs when you buy 2 KC Masterpeice BBQ sauces. I also had $1.50 off 2 KC Masterpeice BBQ sauces AND a friend of mine (thanx Sara) sent me a $10 rebate when I buy $25 worth of BBQ guess what I got lol... I bought enough BBQ sauce to qualify for the rebate...use the BBQ sauce coupons and I also used the ribs Raincheck to get the ribs @ .98 a pound and I use the $2 off ribs coupon on those!!! It was a heck of a deal!

Anyway todays Purchase form Food Lion were:

8 bottles of A1 Marinade
7 bags of Planters Trail Mix
26 cans FL potted meat
2 pounds FL chicken tenerloins
2 packs Mentos gum
8pc Hot fried chicken (dinner)
1 side of baked beans for 4 (dinner)
1 side of baked apples for 4 (dinner)
14 bottles KC Masterpeice BBQ sauce
11 pounds od boneless country style pork ribs
$1 donation to Children's Miricale Network

I earned $4.75 in Food Lion Coupons towards anything I want on my next order.
I also qualify for a $10 rbate for buying BBQ sauce as well as a $5 rebate for buying 8pc fried chicken.

My total out of pocket total before rebates and earned coupon was: $7.77 (a bit steap eh?)

I also stopped buy Martins to get a pound of fresh mozz cheese. I paid $3.13 for that.

My daily out of pocket total is: $10.90 before rebates and earned coupons. I should have used my $4.75 in FL coupons to lower my OOP, but they were in the car...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009

Food Lion and I are tighter than ever these days, LOL. Here is today's purchases:

9+ pounds of Food Lion brand Boneless Skinless chicken breast
1 bottle A1 Sauce
6 bags Planters trail mix
8 bottles A1 Marinade
6 single serve packs FL brand peanuts
7 cans FL brand potted meat
3 packd FL brand chewing gum
1 box of Peppridge Farms 5 cheese Texas Toast

I also earned $3 in coupons to use on anything I want my next shoping trip.

My total Out of Pocket cost was $1.19

My daily total Out of Pocket before factoring any earned coupons was $1.19.

The bad news is I seemed to have misplaced about $15 in FL coupons...I sure hope they turn up.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 3, 2009

Today I continued my love affair with Food Lion. It is a new sales week, and it looks as if this week is gonna be a winner too!

I bought:
7 bottles of A-1 Steak Sauce
2 bottles of A-1 Marinade
14 bags of single serve FL brand peanuts
2 cans of FL brand potted meat
21 packs of FL brand chewing gum

I earned $7.25 in coupons to use towards anything I want on my next purchase. I am pretty sure I also qualified for $10 in rebates.

Total out of pocket cost before coupons and rebates are factored in: $1.49

Todays toatl out of pocket cost: $1.49

I also donated some buns to my children's daycare and a local food pantry. Do you think the food pantry would appreciate potted meat?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009

Today I shopped at Food Lion and Weis Markets.

Purchases made today at Weis Markets included:
2 gallons of Edy's Ice Cream
2 6pks of Jello Pudding cups
2 6 pks of Jello Gelatin cups
4 6ct boxes of Steak-Umms hamburgers
1 16lb bag Dog Chow
16 boxes Renolyds Wrappers pop up boxes
6 boxes Marcel Facial tissues
4 single Propel waters

I also earned $10 in rebates and I have a coupon for $7 off anything I want the next time I shop.

Out of pocket cost before rebates and earned coupons : $25.82

Purchases made today at Food Lion include:

2 Family sized bags of Tyson Chicken Nuggets
6 bags of Planter's trail mix
76 cans FL potted meat
18 packs FL Hamburger/Hotdog Buns
18 Single packs FL nuts
20 single packs of M&M's candy
4 single packs of Starburst

I earned another $10 rebate plus $9 in coupons off anything I want the next time I shop.
In addition, I purchased some Planter's trail mix that did not ring up correctly, as they had already taken the sale down for the week, so I got a cash refund.

Out of pocket cost before rbates and earned coupons, but after cash refund: (5.01)

Daily Total Out of Pocket Cost before earned rebates and earned coupons: $20.81

June 1, 2009

I shopped at Food Lion, Martin's Grocery, and Walgreens.

Purchases at Walgreens include:
2 Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Monitors
1 Totebag style cooler
1 bottle Off! Bug Spray
1 bottle Ecotrin
1 $10 Walgreens Gift Card

I also earned $20 in rebates, and I earned a $2 coupon off anything I want to use my next shopping trip. Don't forget about the $10 Gift card listed above! :)

Out of pocket cost before rebates and earned coupons: $12.91.

Purchases at Martin's include:
2 six packs of Danimals drinkable yogurt.

Out of pocket cost: $2.10

Purchases at Food Lion include:
1 loaf FL brand bread
8 packs FL brand hotdog/ hamburger rolls
8 single packs FL brand nuts
2 bags Planter's trail mix
4 single bags M&Ms
1 bag Kraft cheese cubes
8 single packs Starburst
10 single bags Skittles

I also earned $4.25 in coupons to use on anything I want the next time I shop.

Out of pocket cost before earned coupons: $1.80

Daily Out of Pocket before rebates and earned coupons: $16.81