Sunday, June 7, 2009

June7, 2009

...and so I lie. I HAD to try the Pampers deal at CVS. I was only able to get one pack. IMO one is better than none and plus there is always tomorrow when costumer service is open. I did pass up FREE Crest at Food Lion... so please give me props for that.

Anyway, being fair to the kids cost me a bit of money... more than if I were able to hop stores...maybe I'll be up for the Good Mommy Award... please vote for me.

My purcahses were from CVS, McDonalds, and a few different newspaper machines... which gipped me of my SmartSource insert...ERRRRRRRRR!

4 Newspapers
2 Aveeno 70SPF Sunscreens
1 pack Jumbo Pampers size 4
3 4 pc Chicken Nuggets
1 Large French Fry (these cost $2 NOW!!!!!)

My total Out of Pocket cost was: $21.97

OUCH! Maybe I should have just settled for FREE Crest... the kids would be red...but their teeth would be white. :/

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