Friday, June 19, 2009

June 16th and June 18th

I haven't really been shopping this much this week. :/

I bought somethings at Food Lion on June 16th. I forget the specifics. I think my reciepts are still in the car. I am too tired to go get them, so I will update tomorrow... via an edit of this post...hopefully.

June 18th-
I shopped at Martins.
I purchased 3 boxes of Kraft Begal-fuls.
OOP was: $2.49 this was also my daily OOP.

Monday, June 15, 2009

June 14th and 15th

Sunday June 14th- Newspaper day.
OOP: $2.50

June 15th-
Today I shopped at Food Lion-

I purchased:
3 A1 Marinades
3 boxes of FL Pasta
12 cans of FL potted meat
1 Cucumber
1 Tomato
1 boxed of Ciabatta Bread
1 bottle of Nature's Seasoning

Total OOP: $0.45 This is also my daily OOP.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yard Slae: June 13

Well I had my much anticipated yard sale today. I have determined that I make more money sitting in my front yard than I do hauling items across town. I guess it is traffic flow. Anyway, I guess I didn't do bad...I just had higher standards since I did so well last month sitting in my front yard. I also want to know why Gillette body wash sells like hotcakes, but Gillette shampoo you can't really give away... Swiffers and swiffer refills sold well. I wish I would have did the Target deal like 20 more times... Kraft Dressing did well, but BBQ sauce and Marinades only so-so... I ended up giving allot of stuff away or making deals to help the clients that I work with. I made a profit of $338.85 after the cost of advertising, table fee, buying ice cream for my family to snack on and myself a Mexican... the food.. not a person.. and a $5 raffle ticket I was guilted into buying. Not too bad I guess... I have changed my accounting on the side bar to reflect this profit, this taking my spending into the negitive...which means I was paid to shop.

Friday, June 12, 2009

June 11th and 12th.

I have come to the conclusion that this blog is just something else to be behind on, lol.

June 11th- Kraft coupons expired this day, so I made the dreaded trip to Wal-Mart. I purchased:
4 boxes Kraft Beagal-fuls
4 boxes Ritz Bits

Out of Pocket cost: $7.99

I also shopped at Food Lion and Weis Markets to get this weeks freebies, or as the marketing world describes them: Loss leaders.

Weis Markets:
7 bottles Gillette Body Wash
3 bottles Gillette Shampoo
4 tubes Gillette Styling Gel
4 six packs of Musslemen Applesauce singles

I also believe I earned $10 rebate for P&G..I'll find out if I get a check in the mail, lol.

OOP before rebate: $0.47

Food Lion:

5 boxes FL pasta
12 cans potted meat
3 Digornio Flatbread Pizza Melts
5 bottles A1 Marinade
1 6 pack Kool-Aid single bottles

OOP $2.28 I can not remember how many coupons I earned towards my next order. :(

Toatl Daily OOP: $10.74

June 12

Today I shopped at Food Lion and Weis Markets.

I found more coupons, so of course I went back to Weis:
1 bottle Gillette body wash
1 bottle Gillette shampoo
3 Gillette Fusion razor
3 bottles Gillette Fusion shaving Gel

Total OOP: $2.53

Food Lion

Today FL was WEIRD. Their coupon machine was spitting out more coupons than I earned. Liek if I were supposed to get a $1 coupon it would give me $2. Weird...but no complaints. At one FL I was at my coupon did not print. I made the manager refund and re-ring on a diffrent register. This too was odd, as I was refunded more money than my items actually cost. She didn't know why. Sometimes you just gotta love computers. I made $0.85 on that!

Anywho, I purchased the following:

8 boxes FL pasta
25 cans potted meat
6 bottles A1 Marinade
1 bottle Hunts Ketcup
1 box Popsicles
1.69 pounds Black Forest Deli Ham
24 pack case of bottled water

I earned $5.25 in coupons good off anything I want the next time I shop.
I also qualify for a $5.00 rebate for buying water

my total OOP before coupons earned and rebates: $1.87-$0.85 = $1.02

Daily OOP: $3.55

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 9th & 10th.

I shopped Walgreens and Food Lion on June 9, 2009.


1 bottle Off! Bug Spray.
1 cat tail candy

Out of Pocket: $0

Food Lion:

8 cans of FL brand Potted meat
2 bottles A-1 Marinade
1 bag Planters Trail mix
1 can Planters Choc. covered Almonds

I earned $1.25 in coupons good off anything I want my next shopping trip.

Total OOP before earned coupons: $0.30

Totally Dailly OOP: $0.30

June 10, 2009

I shopped at Food Lion. I purchased the following:
3 Digornio Flatbread Pizza Melts
2 boxes FL Jumbo Mac
2 boxes FL spaghetti noodles
4 bottles A-1 Marinade
7 cans FL potted meat
6 bottles Kraft dressing
2 cucumbers
2 tomatoes
1 orange pepper
1 local newspaper
1 pack Kool-aid drinks

I earned $2.25 in FL coupons off anything I want on my next shopping trip as well as a $3.19 rebate for buying Digornio Flatbrad melts.

Total OOP before earned coupons and rebates: $1.88

Dailly OOP:$1.88

Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8, 2009


I am so glad I was able to get in on the CVS diaper deal. Diaper deals are starting to be few and far between and I only had 4 more size 4 packs. My son is too young to expect daycare to deal with pull ups and while he may fit into size 5, size 4 has more per pack so it is better to use the 4's if I have them. I was on the phone with CVS costumer service at 8am...on the dot. I verified that the limit on the Pampers deal was 3 per card. I then stopped at CVS, with my screen shot in hand showing the ECB advertisement. My CVS manager is awesome. He even checked me out! I do understand this deal is over now, so if you needed diapers I hope you got in on it.

I shopped CVS and Food Lion (big suprise there) today:

CVS purchases include:
9 packs Jumbo size Pampers
1 Fusion Razor gift pack

Total out of pocket cost: $23.32

Food Lion purchase include:
1 bottle A-1 Marinade

Total out of pocket cost: FREE

I had a busy day at work and I failed to pack a snack...thus I blew $2 in the vending machine on a 20 0z Dr. Pepper and a pack of Swedish Fish. Please be glad that you do not work with me...I even complained about the cost to my Executive Director... I mean please...did I not just buy 11 pouns of Pork and 14 BBQ sauces for less? Vending machine mark up is outragous!

Today's total purchases that include a $3 Taco Bell lunch is $28.32.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

June7, 2009

...and so I lie. I HAD to try the Pampers deal at CVS. I was only able to get one pack. IMO one is better than none and plus there is always tomorrow when costumer service is open. I did pass up FREE Crest at Food Lion... so please give me props for that.

Anyway, being fair to the kids cost me a bit of money... more than if I were able to hop stores...maybe I'll be up for the Good Mommy Award... please vote for me.

My purcahses were from CVS, McDonalds, and a few different newspaper machines... which gipped me of my SmartSource insert...ERRRRRRRRR!

4 Newspapers
2 Aveeno 70SPF Sunscreens
1 pack Jumbo Pampers size 4
3 4 pc Chicken Nuggets
1 Large French Fry (these cost $2 NOW!!!!!)

My total Out of Pocket cost was: $21.97

OUCH! Maybe I should have just settled for FREE Crest... the kids would be red...but their teeth would be white. :/