Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009

Today I shopped at Food Lion and Weis Markets.

Purchases made today at Weis Markets included:
2 gallons of Edy's Ice Cream
2 6pks of Jello Pudding cups
2 6 pks of Jello Gelatin cups
4 6ct boxes of Steak-Umms hamburgers
1 16lb bag Dog Chow
16 boxes Renolyds Wrappers pop up boxes
6 boxes Marcel Facial tissues
4 single Propel waters

I also earned $10 in rebates and I have a coupon for $7 off anything I want the next time I shop.

Out of pocket cost before rebates and earned coupons : $25.82

Purchases made today at Food Lion include:

2 Family sized bags of Tyson Chicken Nuggets
6 bags of Planter's trail mix
76 cans FL potted meat
18 packs FL Hamburger/Hotdog Buns
18 Single packs FL nuts
20 single packs of M&M's candy
4 single packs of Starburst

I earned another $10 rebate plus $9 in coupons off anything I want the next time I shop.
In addition, I purchased some Planter's trail mix that did not ring up correctly, as they had already taken the sale down for the week, so I got a cash refund.

Out of pocket cost before rbates and earned coupons, but after cash refund: (5.01)

Daily Total Out of Pocket Cost before earned rebates and earned coupons: $20.81


  1. Can you describe more as to what coupons and rebate you use, how you find them. How do you decided what you are going to buy?

  2. Oh come on Rebecca...why the hard questions? I shop a few diffrent ways. I get all the Free stuff I sell and donate what I don't use. I get all the stuff were I make money (money makers) or where I get overages to get the things I really need free or cheep. Again I sell or donate these items. Then I get the stuff I actually use when they are on sale...that away I have them when I need them. I have a stockpile of stuff. I didn't even grocery shop at all, sans milk etc.. for a few months. I can do that again right now. You basically have to train yourself to "see" the free stuff and get it. Please visit www.hotcouponworld.com/forums for assistance.

    The rebates are either item specific advertised on the item, store rebates advertised at the store, or beer rebates found in the grocery stores near beer displays. I find allot of these at Food Lion. Here in the good 'ol WV beer companies can not mandate that you buy beer to qualify for the rebates. The ones I spoke f in this post were both beer rebates. I get $10 back when I buy $35 worth of Beef and I get $10 back for buying $10.01 worth of buns. When I get these checks in the mail I will subtract them from my yearly spending. Woo-hoo! The coupons I use are from the stores, internet printbles, the sunday paper, pamplets, etc... I am basically a cllector of coupons. When I see a coupon I take it... even if I don't use that item...eventually it will make me money. Stores also print out cash register coupons (called Catalinas or Cats) to use on your next order for buying specific items. Often times if you buy the items with other coupons or overages you can get the Cat for free..thus you make money! Good luck.