Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009

Food Lion and I are tighter than ever these days, LOL. Here is today's purchases:

9+ pounds of Food Lion brand Boneless Skinless chicken breast
1 bottle A1 Sauce
6 bags Planters trail mix
8 bottles A1 Marinade
6 single serve packs FL brand peanuts
7 cans FL brand potted meat
3 packd FL brand chewing gum
1 box of Peppridge Farms 5 cheese Texas Toast

I also earned $3 in coupons to use on anything I want my next shoping trip.

My total Out of Pocket cost was $1.19

My daily total Out of Pocket before factoring any earned coupons was $1.19.

The bad news is I seemed to have misplaced about $15 in FL coupons...I sure hope they turn up.

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