Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 1, 2009

I shopped at Food Lion, Martin's Grocery, and Walgreens.

Purchases at Walgreens include:
2 Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Monitors
1 Totebag style cooler
1 bottle Off! Bug Spray
1 bottle Ecotrin
1 $10 Walgreens Gift Card

I also earned $20 in rebates, and I earned a $2 coupon off anything I want to use my next shopping trip. Don't forget about the $10 Gift card listed above! :)

Out of pocket cost before rebates and earned coupons: $12.91.

Purchases at Martin's include:
2 six packs of Danimals drinkable yogurt.

Out of pocket cost: $2.10

Purchases at Food Lion include:
1 loaf FL brand bread
8 packs FL brand hotdog/ hamburger rolls
8 single packs FL brand nuts
2 bags Planter's trail mix
4 single bags M&Ms
1 bag Kraft cheese cubes
8 single packs Starburst
10 single bags Skittles

I also earned $4.25 in coupons to use on anything I want the next time I shop.

Out of pocket cost before earned coupons: $1.80

Daily Out of Pocket before rebates and earned coupons: $16.81

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